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youre not lazy at all!!!

this game was great and you are to!!!!

Cool game! 

Thank you for playing my silly little game. Hope you liked it.

I liked it! btw dont call yourself lazy 


omg i loved this! cant wait for when (if) you finish it


Thanks a lot for playing the game and Im glad you liked it. I am looking forward to expand this game if people seem more interested in it.

cool game xD; you got me at G I F. maybe you can emphasize the population status, it's not very noticeable.

An idea, you can add a minimap in the circle on the side (looks like a magnify glass) the population.


Thanks for the suggestions, will surely take them in consideration. Im glad you liked the game.


GreyStillPlays made a video on your game (not me)

Oh yes I watched it. Isn't it amazing? 🤩


 i played this game in a video and had fun xD
(1 edit) (+2)

5 minutes in your video and paused to tell you that in first three questions you gave it more thought than I gave to make this game at all.

EDIT: Thanks a lot for playing the game and making a video of it. I really appreciate that. This game was made with no brain and it was meant to be silly and dumb, hope you had fun playing it.

wich makes it all the funnier!

you are really welcome, i definetly had fun plaiyng it!