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The whole clan of Ninja is defeated by the orcs and dragons. Now they rule together over their land until one hero rises to defeat the tyranny and revive the legacy of Ninja.

Help the Ninja to kill all the enemies on his way to ultimate glory.

*** Features ***

  • Simple "Tap to Play" controls.
    • Interactive game play accompanied by refreshing music.
    • Weapon shots to kill enemies standing between you and your glory.
    • Power ups to assist you in the hour of need.
    • Buy power ups with your collectibles.
    • Get extra bonus even after the game is over.

  • *** How to Play ***

  • Tap to Jump.
    • Use Shuriken button to fire Shurikens (Star shaped Ninja weapon).
    • Use power ups when things start to get tough.
  • Weapon:
    Shuriken: Fires five times before you need to reload.
    It can be upgraded to fire on higher rates from "Game Shop".

    Power Ups:
    • Burst: Blast away all the enemies from your eyesight. The effect lasts few seconds after the use.
    • Zap: Stuns the enemy on the ground. Enemy will stop moving for a specific time.
    • Shield: Use the protection of the shield and you can save yourself form the next impact. Its effect will last one impact.

    All the weapon upgrades and power ups can be bought from the "Game Shop" using the coins collected in game.

    *** Don't forget to check "Bonus button" on game over screen. ***


    Revenge of Ninja.apk 28 MB

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    looks pretty good (;